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I’m Manpreet Singh.

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design is my passion

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Well I am pretty sure you already know my Name, if you are on my store 😉 . I call myself a good graphic designer. I started my graphic designing journey by luck if I may say, to help someone who was in need. So I tighten my seat belt and gave a push as a designer. You can know more about me if you visit my portfolio. And come say Hello to me on any of the below social media pages.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced Graphic

On this

On this store, you will be able to purchase so many beautiful and attractive graphic designs that are related to many wide variety of cultures. African American Portraits, Logos, and other design elements, all are created with my ♥️.

Designing Experience.

Before I started my graphic designing journey, I was a social media manager for multiple of businesses, which still I am, but currently I am leaning towards graphic designing & people always said I have a creative mindset.


If you want me to create any type of graphic design, like African American female, typography, logo, banner, book cover, print media, album cover, etc. just contact me and leave the rest on me. You will get the best design ever!

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


Character design

I can create beautiful and unique character designs specifically to your needs 


Typography design

My text designs are attractive and filled with creativity. Words, mixed with right meanings


Other illustration

I can also create Logos, Banners, Book Covers, Music Album Covers, Print Media Designs

more about the


Here are some list of items that I currently sell on this store. All are created with great creativity in mind and according to the modern times. I’ll hope you will like them.


You can purchase African American Characters from this store. All are made by me and are ready to print files.


aka. Text Designs are also available, created with quotes and other sayings that you can print on any type of product.


Logo is a face of a business and I am proud to say that I can create catchy and meaningful logos that will say everything about your business.


Book Covers, Banners, and other print media stuff are also available on this store. You will get source files along the print files. Adobe Photoshop compatible.

If you like any design but want any changes or if you want me to create a new specific design for you, Hire me 🙂

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